Dumb question maybe but I'm still learning.... Is encephalomalacia a TBI of itself or does a TBI/Injury/pressure separate entities that cause a TBI which a type being encephalomalacia? Here is my son's from when we first saw it in June to now. One pic is before his last craniofacial surgery a year ago comparing no damage till the pressure got too bad in the span of two months or a result of surgery complications.... I also attached the main findings on his last three EEG'S. He's had two inpatient and one recent outpatient. The middle one he was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis hours later, which lowered his seizure threshold. He also had pretty significant copper beating when they did his last craniofacial surgery. It was a year ago today he had surgery. We saw the encephalomalacia first this past June. First MRI post-op but for a different reason - seizures... So in my son's case being too much brain for a skull too small, that of itself is the TBI?

I had to do the pics via YouTube because I didn't know how to upload pics here....

I don't know why the EEG message posted like that.... Here's what it did say.

6-1-18 Focal seizure localized to the left frontal region with associated jerking of the right arm with head turned to right.(The one captured on the 2nd and 3rd clips shared here)

6-14-18 A focal seizure was captured at the onset of this recording from the right temporal region. Post-ictal right hemispheric slowing was noted after this, most prominent in the right temporocentral region. In addition, occasional left frontotemporal sharp waves were noted throughout the recording. (This was during the stay with ADEM)

9-26-18 Intermittent focal slowing was noted in the right temporal region suggestive of white matter injury in this region. (No seizure during this BUT it does confirm the encephalomalasia is a cause...)