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Thread: partner suffering from chronic pain and back injury

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    Default partner suffering from chronic pain and back injury

    Hello everyone!
    I am a carer for my partner who suffers from chronic pain due to a back injury which occurred while working. It took 18 months to approve his claim by the work cover and as a result, surgery is not a viable option, so he is left to cope with the pain. Currently, we are in Mississauga and does message therapy when he experiences much pain. I wasn't in the picture when the injury occurred. We had been together years earlier and only reconnected 15 months ago. I was in a difficult situation and he was in need of a carer so we decided to continue our relationship from where we had left off 36 years ago. He is a sweetheart and I would do anything for him but being a carer of a chronic pain suffer is hard and I was just wondering if there's anyone here caring for someone with chronic pain. I'd like to hear their story and how they cope with it and the things that go hand in hand with it, athe depression the anger etc.
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    Hi There Lyla - I am disabled and in constant pain as was my my (late)partner. We took care of each other. Now that she is gone, I am on my own. I took care of her with love and understanding and a strong faith in the lord.She was worse off then I was so I can relate to your situation. It is indeed difficult to be a caregiver, A ton of love,caring and understanding are needed, as well as the inner strenght to take care of yourself. this is not selfish, only practical so you are good shape to take care of your partner. Coping can be difficult, I see a counseler and take anti-depressants(which I hate because I don't like drugs in general) but you have to do what you have to do. The best thing I can tell you is to treasure every moment you have with them, be there for them, and always let them know you care. It sounds like you are doing a great job - There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back to keep your self esteem up.
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