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Thread: About ampyra.....there is now a generic....made by the same company

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    Default About ampyra.....there is now a generic....made by the same company

    So, I have been taking ampyra to help me walk for quite a few years. My copay for the last few years has been $30 a month. When I went to reorder I was tole the copay would be $65 each month. So, I asked why it had increased. No one at Caremark specialty drug pharmacy could answer my question.

    This led to 4 hours of phone calls where I was tossed back and forth from billing department to drug maker to billing department.. several people gave me answers about my insurance that did not fit the situation. Finally one fellow was convinced he knew the answer and sent an expedited notice to my neuro to get her to refill. OI-vez!

    Finally, one whole day letter, I got a phone call. Turns out that my copay had jumped because there was now a generic form and my copay would be $10.00 each month. Did I want to switch? Hell yes! The Caremark official was the one who told me that the generic was being made by the same company which made the original.

    One huge half day of round around phone calls because the message did not go from a to b to c.

    Thought some of you might be able to use this info.
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