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Thread: Had a terrible migraine after tooth extraction last time

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    Default Had a terrible migraine after tooth extraction last time

    Hello guys,
    I have a severe toothache nowadays. It started all of a sudden a few days back. I can't drink or eat due to the pain and I can't even sleep in the night.
    The pain is subsidizing only when I take some painkillers.
    I wonder whether the pain is caused by any bacterial infection. If yes, what are the options in front of me? Should I go for tooth extraction or should I go for any root canal pain treatment?
    I am located in Toronto. I am planning to visit the dentist tomorrow. But, I am afraid, they will ask me to option for tooth extraction. Last time when I optioned for tooth extraction, I ended up with a terrible migraine for days. Also, I had to get a dental implant to fill the gap.
    So, I am just wondering when should we opt for tooth extraction and up to what extend root canal treatment is prescribed? Does tooth extraction cause migraine usually?
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