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Thread: Please share your opinions and experiences related to acupuncture

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    Red face Please share your opinions and experiences related to acupuncture

    Hello guys,
    So, I was away for a week and visited Vancouver, one of the best places in Canada where we can experience the Chinese traditions. While I was there, I heard a lot of people saying that acupuncture has a lot of benefits and are the best options for a lot of health conditions where other medicines fail to make a result.
    Nowadays, people are marketing acupuncture therapy for everything starting from small emotional conditions like anxiety and depression to chronic degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
    But, I am wondering whether acupuncture therapy is as effective as people claim.
    I agree that acupuncture originated more than 2500 years ago and is one of the oldest branches of medicines. But, personally, I think that it is not a strength but weakness. There a lot of diseases that emerged very recently. How can I treatment that has originated 2500 years ago be so advanced that it can be effective against modern diseases even, modern science failed to treat?
    So, I am looking for some honest feedbacks on acupuncture. If any of you have ever tried acupuncture therapy in your life, please share your experience here. Others, please share your opinions too.
    Thank you.
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    I have no experience with acupuncture but have noticed that some people who have had it believed it helped them.

    It's based on the idea that there are energy flow pathways (meridians) in the body, and if something is out of whack with your body, a correction of the energy flow can be accomplished by acupuncture. If you accept this idea, you will probably believe that no matter how old the method is, it would always be workable, even for newer diseases.

    I can't say whether it's scientifically sound but some in the US medical world think that if it works, it may do so because the patient undergoing acupuncture believes it will work and wants it to work.

    At least, that's what the Mayo Clinic states:
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