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Thread: Please help me to help my friend who has sleeping issues

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    Default Please help me to help my friend who has sleeping issues

    Hello guys,
    Here is the problem.
    One of my friends, who is 32 now has sleeping issues. She usually wakes up by 2.30 in the morning and can't fall asleep the whole night until its lae morning.

    She usually wakes up with memories of some dreams, both good and bad. She had recently gone through a break up.. May be thats the reason. She is one those people who like to relate thei dreams with reality. Like, if she see someothing in dreams, she tells me that it got a meaning, and it is going to happen in life, sometime soon. And, usually she sees someone's death.

    I really want to help her. But, I don't know how to. Can you guys help me please


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    Your friend's dreams are one issue, and her tendency to wake up in the middle of the night without being able to go back to sleep is another, I think.

    The waking sounds like a type of insomnia, and can be treated in a number of ways. It sounds as if that is more of a concern than the dreams--?

    She could try changing her sleeping patterns and sleeping arrangements. Maybe she simply gets enough sleep by taking naps during the day? If so, then she could try cutting out the naps.

    Maybe the room she's in is uncomfortable--too warm, too cold, too stuffy or dry, too noisy, too light, too drafty? She could try adjusting things so she's more comfortable. Sometimes it's just an older mattress that needs replacing.

    If she drinks anything with caffeine within about 4-5 hours of her bedtime, she should definitely stop doing that, and many cola drinks have caffeine.

    If it is her dreams that are disturbing her so much that she can't get back to sleep, maybe a counselor or psychologist could help?

    I do not think that sleeping pills of any kind are a good idea, and so I hope she isn't going that route.

    These are just my opinions, though, and I'm not a medical professional.
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    Has she tried Melatonin. Can be bought anywhere that sells vitamins. Also Medical Marijuana is an excellent help for sleep. Even if she is just having trouble during this breakup it would just be a temporary thing.

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