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Thread: CSF leak or not?

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    Unhappy CSF leak or not?

    Hi Guys,

    I am new here. I saw this site that talks about csf leak and I am really concerned if I have csf leak or not. It will be great to know something before I go to any doctor. Sorry for the long text has I had to tell the whole history.

    I would like to tell my history first. I had a nasty head injury 2 and a half years back as I fainted and fell in the washroom due to low BP. I was having loosemotions probably my BP dipped down due to that and I got 14 stitches on my forehead(left side). Probably I injured my neck at that time as I had stiffness in my neck. I didnt take an MRI or CT scan at that time but as my headache persisted I wanted to be sure that there wasn't an issue so I took the MRI after 6 months of my injury. The MRI didn't show anything. But my headache never went completely but it reduced and so was my neck pain.

    My head pain always increased the day I wash my hair and also I started having positional headaches. My doctors always said I had sinus and I kept taking treatments for it but this never went completely.

    Recently when my neck pain increased (the pain was just above my neck and at the bottom of my head) and I had no sinus pain or any sign of cold, my nose started leaking water in full speed as if there was some pipe left on and this happened only in one nose(left). For the next 2 days my neck pain was immense and unbearable and I still had the positional headache which is unbearable while moving from sitting position to lying on my chest. I have had this leak last week and only once. Then I had a bad cold when I did feel again water falling from my left nose but I am not sure was it the same leak or cold as it was falling at the back of my throat and few liquid fell of my nose. I do feel some neck and shoulder pain and stiffness in my neck but these pain comes and goes and my head always have this pinching pain mostly in the left side.Please tell my how often does one have a spontaneous leak. I don't really want to spend so much money in MRI without surely knowing if it is CSF leak. I thought I would do something if this spontaneous leak happens again. By then I wanted to gather some information.


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    I don't have CSF leak and I'm not a doctor, but thought I would provide some insight. I once fainted due to low BP so I know how much that sucks. Did you get your heart tested after you fainted? As to the fluid I remember seeing a medical documentary where they tested the fluid PH to determine if it was CSF. According to the documentary if the PH testing strip turned black it was CSF. Perhaps you can have a doctor take the PH of the fluid in the nose?
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    I just had my CSF leak detected and went through surgery and now I am in recovery period. Hope this does not happen again... Hoping for the best..

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