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    Momma cat and babies are doing wonderfully. They are sampling wet food and climbing in and out of the litter box already. They are four weeks old as of last Sunday. They are still so tiny and still trying to get their wobbly butts coordinated. Wrestling and small time climbing. I have an ottoman in there and there is a padded undershelf, I redid the whole thing myself, had picked it up outta the trash and gave it a new life, the kittens like to climb up underneath the top and nap and play. It is cosy and dark, sometimes they have wrestling matches in the soft bed I put in there on the floor.

    I have no idea why these pics are so huge.

    Mama Boots and all

    The photos don't do justice to how cute they are now. They all rush me when I go in now and have started sampling soft food already, they are growing so fast and Maddy seems to have an affection for me. They use to freak out when I would come in because I am like a giant to them when they first came out of their box.

    <strong> UGh I hate the sound of my voice but I guess that is what I sound like folks, haha no pics of me sorry. Sound like I smoke too much.

    I got my screen door to the foster room up finally, then went to close it and realized I hadn't made the screw holes far enough down the door to compensate for the bit of carpet. Crap!! So I have to take it down which means everybody goes to a separate room so I can let momma roam while I fix her door. It shuts and latches but it is not right. Jared was helping me and he gets frustrated easily so I have to be exact in what I want him to do so I was trying to get through it without any drama lol.

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