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Thread: Cellcept lead to possible thyroid cancer

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    Default Cellcept lead to possible thyroid cancer

    I recently had a bout with arthritis and in determining that had
    X-rays that showed something on my thyroid so I had an ultrasound. I took a photo of the images which Iím so happy about because of a mix up my test results hadnít been mailed. Just wanted to show it and hear your thoughts


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    Welcome back, petpuppy. I'm sorry that you have had news about your thyroid that must be a concern. Unfortunately I'm not able to figure out the image you posted but others here may have better skills and experience.

    Are you saying that you may have thyroid cancer? You might be saying that you've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer--?

    I have a friend who was troubled by thyroid nodules for some years. They were being watched because they were looking as if they might turn cancerous. She was OK with the watchful waiting--until she was about to lose her insurance coverage, and then she decided to go ahead with the thyroidectomy just to be on the safe side. She's doing OK since the surgery though she had to make some adjustments to the medication she has to take for the rest of her life.

    That's about all I know about thyroid problems. I understand that situations like hers--the nodules that need watching--are very common. Maybe yours is like that?
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    Hi there
    Thanks for your reply. It could be modules and I'm worrying over nothing it's just that I enhanced one slide that looked like a fireball. The results have yet to reach my doctor

    My Ms is getting worse. When I.bend over or sit at times I'm unable to get up.without assistance and I have minimum bladder control so to be honest ive been giving this disease my all by research and seeing many doctors that I'm not too sure why it would matter.

    Ill adjust. Being unable to stand is new so I'm so mad as hell but I'll get back in the right mindset.

    Thanks again. Your reply was helpful. Hope you're doing ok.

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    That sounds very scary and frustrating petpuppy

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    Sorry you are having trouble.....have you talked with your doctor about using Botox for your bladder control? I have tried it.

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