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Thread: Article on how people respond when you answer inquiries about your health.."..

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    Yes, that sounds fine. Just be yourself, and be the wonderful friend to him that you have been and are. The best communication is open, honest and heartfelt.

    Definitely find an appropriate setting for the conversation, where the two of you are alone.

    Love & Light,

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    I was just going to suggest what you finally got around to in your final statements -- wait until you are alone with him...and maybe over a beer or glass of wine...and I wouldn't talk about "hurting feelings" … but the rest sounds fine. If he is indeed close, he may well appreciate your discretion and tact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howie View Post
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    Then just listen, that seems what will be helpful to him. But don't offer any suggestions. You can only do what you would see as helpful to you. What would be helpful to someone else, isn't what might be helpful to him. Just listen, and you can know that would be helpful to you both.
    Exactly. What most people need is a good listening too.

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    Thanks everyone! People often think because I have CP and helped my other teacher friend through his stroke that I would be good at figuring out how and when to ask these questions but nope. I still have zero idea what I'm doing. What makes it harder is each of my friends are completely different about discloser. I tend not to make suggestions with friends but family I fall into the habit of making suggestions more because I know the history more...I'm guessing its not a good habit though....
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    You could try asking if the person would like to know what you think. Of course the answer almost has to be Yes but asking first lets the person know that you hesitate to give unsolicited advice.
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