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Thread: Reduced reaponse to vaccines if on Ocrevus (and Rituxan too?)

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    Default Reduced reaponse to vaccines if on Ocrevus (and Rituxan too?)

    Since Rituxan is nearly identical to Ocrevus, perhaps itís true of it as well.

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    Interesting. Not a deal breaker for me but I will send to my neuro...
    I have never gotten a flu shot nor any booster shots. I just don’t.....not for any medical reason...just never did. I hardly even get a cold. Can’t remember getting colds or flu since I started on betaseron etc. in 1992..

    FYI...from betaseron I went to IV prednisolone, avonex, copaxone, IVIg, novantrone and now am on rituxan.
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    Linda, since you work in the earth, you should have a tetanus booster every ten years.

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    I certainly do not think that is a problem for most of us. MS is far more of a threat than tetanus or diphtheria or pertussis. Pneumonia and the flu are not all that well prevented in the general population without MS so I am not too concerned about that either. I think this is a non-issue and should not deter anyone from protecting their CNS and functional level due to this "worry inducing" line of thinking.

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