Hi, I have had suspected CSF leak for over a year now and have today had a CTM and a few targeted BP's.

There is a very suspect looking bone spur at T6/7 that on MRI appears to be puncturing the dura. This is the area the BP's were done.

Bad news for me is that the CTM did not show a leak.

What was found is that I'm in HP. I had an opening pressure of 23.5.

Some of my symptoms include a post nasal drip that I can alter the flow with differing body positions. There's the headache and all the other CSF leak symptoms. (Tinnitus, stiff neck/shoulders)

After these bp's, i now have a supine headache that goes away on standing, so I think the BP,s may have sealed and put me into even higher pressure.

I have some diamox to help with that as my vision is blurry and I don't want to make it worse.

Has anyone has similar symptoms?

What I think is happening is the leak is intermittent and it sent my Brain CSF production haywire.

Hopefully time will tell