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    Default Firehorse

    Hey Firehorse .... How's it going?
    Sure would like to hear from you.

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    Hi there, sorry for the silence.

    I got out of the hospital after having some seizures. We learned a lot.
    The doctors immediately gave me lorazepam to stop the ongoing seizures, plus put me back on my regular meds quickly to get my blood levels back up to discharge me the next day.
    We also learned new things about me. My doctor suggested that I change drugs immediately due to this important medical discovery. I agreed at least with part of the change in meds. Taking me off one drug sounded good. Adding a new benzodiazepine never made me feel great. “Onfi”, I had never really heard of it before! I don’t like seizures either. I was willing to give it a try.
    I tried the lowest starting dosage at morning & night. I ended up being asleep most of the day.
    That’s where I have been!
    I am off vimpat because it possibly could have caused me to have more seizures.
    We actually learned that I was not having the seizures type that we thought I was having all these decades!
    Go figure!
    I still need some more time to go over what went on in my head during that time.
    It was astounding. I have absence seizures. Not simple partials. I am dumbfounded.
    You are supposedly not suposed to feel, or remember those kind of seizures. I do, or have. Suddenly, I now realize memories back from childhood. Back from when I know that I had a seizure before. They came back to me while lying in my hospital bed. I felt like I was having a “little seizure”, I heard and felt a buzzing around me. It was really strange. I had remembered feeling that before, that’s what brought the memories back, it kind of felt like I was in a bubble in time.

    I now realize that my first tonic clonic was when I was 9. I most likely started having absence seizures much earlier than that.

    Getting out of the house and going to a party today to have some food and fun.

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    So glad you got through it safely and were able to get needed information. I always thought the thing with absence seizures was that they were too quick for people to remember them. Who knew...
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