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Thread: Levorphanol anyone?

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    Exclamation Levorphanol anyone?

    Hello anyone,

    I am not new to braintalk but it's been a long time and I can't find my account.

    I've had L5/S1 fusion with a cage 2 rods and 4 screws in 2003 and I've gone down hill sense then. You name it and I've probably tried it. At this point I'm taking

    1. OxyContin 80mg 3/day
    2. Dilaudid 8mg 4/day
    3. Cymbalta 60mg 1/day
    4. Zanaflex 4mg 4/day
    5. Sleeping pill 1/day it's new and I can't think of the name right now.
    6. Lyrica 450mg 1/day

    For most of us I'm sure you know what MED stands for, (morphine equivalent dose.) My MEDs are 488 and there is crazyness going on about how much the gov and DEA thinks is safe. My insurence company is going crazy too, trying to act like they are all concerned about it but we all know the only thing they are worried about is $$!!
    I didn't start out taking these meds at these dosages, it's taken a long time. I've even tried cutting back, but my quality of life goes in the dumpster. I'm unable to get out of bed, watch tv or even have a conversation if I'm not taking these meds at these doses.
    A few appointments ago my pain doc talked with me about an older opiate that I should try that would bring my MEDs from 488 to 132 and it works with a good half life. So of course I said heck yeah! But of course my insurence company who acts all concerned about me denies the drug. My lawyer is putting the paper work together to appeal the denial, so I thought I'd just pay for this myself and once it's approved they can pay me back, so I called the pharmacy up and ... Well, there is no way I could pay for this med as it's cost for the insurence company is $10,272.96 !!!!! Yes, you didn't read that wrong and that's just for a 30 day supply.

    So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has used this drug, what did/do you think of it?? Has anyone gotten insurance to pay for it?..

    Hope everyone/anyone is having a good day,

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    This really pisses me off. If it weren't for my insurance I would be without most of my meds. Way things are going I just may wind up that way anyway.

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    Danielle - I know the feeling - the VA - I ENLISTED - has told me to choose between My Xanax and my Morphine - Chronic back pain, PTST, etc. I'ts all political - no MMJ here - legal here in AZ BUT Illlegal at fed leval. What BS. Anywaay, best of luck, I have MAJOR life changes, planning to move, too many reasons,
    Alex44 (AKA Skypilot Steve)

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