Hi, i underwent mri last year for pituitary gland examination (my hormones were in disbalance) and accidentally they found hydro in my brain ( 3 ventricles were dilatated and 4th vent was enlarged too but not as much as the first three ventricles. the neurosurgeon said it is arrested hydrocephalus because i had no serious symptoms like vomiting ,severe headache and urinary incontinence .. but i have problems with fatigue ,hormones, concentration ,mood changes ..I lost 3 years ago 40 kg very unhealthy.(Starvation,DEHYDRATATION,USING COFFEINE FAT BURNERS).
MY FIRST QUESTION IS : 1. Should i worry about the hydro because my ventricles look the same as the last year on MRI
2. Can dehydratation(severe) cause hydrocephalus... THANKS