I'm new to leaking but not to brain talk. I can't find my old account so my account is new. First off, leaking out my nose is only one of my problems. When I was here before it was because of my lumbar back problems. I've been dealing with it for 16 years now. So when fluid started coming out of my nose I thought like everyone else I was having a cold or something. Then one day I "sniffed" this water because I didn't have a tissue near by and it was awful!! Felt like I was in a pool and got water up my nose! It hurt! This is when I really took a look at this fluid and realized it was just like water, no mucus at all, no color even. So I searched the Internet for water dripping from my nose, and learned all about csf leaks. I didn't go right to my doctor because ... I felt nuts. I have so much going on with me I just ignored it for a few months. It started to increase from a drip here and there to drip-drop and down my throat, can feel the water drip onto my vocal chords which causes me to cough. For some reason eating or drinking makes it worse, it's the act of swollowing. So anyways I went to my GP and she looked at me like I had 3 heads. "There is no way tha csf can come out your nose, your having allergies or something. Try flownase for a few days." She says. I said that I had called the Neurosurgeon and tha he treats this problem, but she didn't believe me. I just begged her for the referral until she finally gave it to me. Now I just went to see him 2 weeks ago and he was great! I'm now waiting for the results of my beta-2-transferin test. My mother in law was over yesterday for a Mother's Day visit and was checking her blood sugar and I remembered that I could check my drips for glucose. I know it could be a false positive but the meter said I had a blood sugar of 33, and of course there isn't suppose to be any in it.

I'd like to know how long it took for a beta-2-transferin test results to come back if anyone has had one. If positive what was your next step? Where is your leak and did you find out why or how you got the leak? I'm also interested in csf leaks in the spinal canal.

Thank you for your time,