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Thread: Anybody else have a Pain NeuroTransmitter?

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    Default Anybody else have a Pain NeuroTransmitter?

    I just got my second pain neurotransmitter installed 2 weeks ago for my cervical pain. It is a St. Jude model which allows me to have MRIs. I got my first, a lumbar transmitter installed December 1, 2017. I had been through the gamut of pain meds, physical therapy, nerve blocks, nerve ablations, acupuncture etc.

    My two transmitters together wipe out my cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain by 90% and I am getting a new lease on life. I feel no pain, have dumped my pain meds by 90% and will be off of all opiates/pain meds by June 1!

    My batteries will last for up to 5 years before I need replacement surgery. Just hoping someone else with transmitters may be around here and willing to share thoughts and experiences.

    Also, I wanted to share my experiences in the hope that maybe neuro pain transmitters could be a great helpful option for others living with chronic pain .:)

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    Wow!! This is something I would be very interested in talking to my new pain management doc about. I am due for another round of back injections, which now I am beginning to wonder how much damage could possibly done by repeated injections in the back, then he is talking of ablation. I need this pain to stop and they won't give me pain meds because I use MMJ for a lot of other things and some of the pain and burning in my legs and feet. I have been dealing with this since 1998 and was getting pain meds which I rarely took but that doc retired and the new ones didn't do back injections nor did they like that I was using MMJ. New doc knows I use. I have not asked for pain meds so I think that is a good thing and one of the few reasons he is willing to treat me. I just found out at my last appt that he opened an addiction clinic LOL.

    How do they put them in, where are they located? I guess I have something new to Google. Thanks for posting and WELCOME!!

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    Hi! Wow!! I'm so excited for you! My doctor has ordered one for me but insurence has denied it. I'd love to see how others are doing with it, I hope your not alone with such good results!


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