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Thread: New Shingles vaccine

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    Default New Shingles vaccine

    You may know that there is a new vaccine out right now for shingles. It is 90% effective, and much more effective than the older one. I know people who’ve had shingles and it’s extremely painful. One of them had it in her eye and continues to have vision problems from.

    The new vaccine is called Shingrex. My neurologist has no problem with me getting it. My primary care doctor also is in favor of it. It is a two dose vaccine. Many insurers cover it.

    It will be available tomorrow at my local pharmacy and perhaps at yours as well. It has been out for a while. But, at least in My state, the law just passed that allows pharmacists to inject it.

    I plan on getting the vaccine in the next couple days how about you?

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    Got it. Sore arm for 48 hours, no big deal. Worth it

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