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Rose thanks for the great ideas! I forgot about adding more water to smoothies! Also trying new fruits, she loves fruit and eats quite a bit but adding more is a good idea.

Funnylegs, I'm positive but I would imagine dehydration could be a stroke risk for anyone who is at a higher risk since it changes blood pressure and changes the blood vessels in the brain. Both are very important things to regulate in moaymoya. The moyamoya vessels are very tiny to begin with so any constriction of these can cause a stroke.
Mary Grace
Ah. Thanks so much! Just asking since my doctors kept asking me if I was dehydrated when I go dizzy and fainted and I was like "I WISH it was that compared to some other reasons" I drink way more water now just in case. :) I also notice a lot of ischemic stroke survivors are careful about being hydrated too so I figured there might be a general connection.