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Thread: Food...I have been cooking this morning and....everything is good!

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    Default Food...I have been cooking this morning and....everything is good!


    I should have put OT in the subject line but forgot! Sorry.

    I was looking for the lazy cooking with Cat thread but, it has thousands of posts...(not thousands but it was in the hundreds).

    So, tomorrow my friends and I will select an opera to watch on her tv. She has a subscription to The metropolitan and there are hundreds of performances to choose from. So, we make a day of it and have food too.
    For tomorrow’s event I made:
    1. An old fashioned egg custard pudding. It set up correctly and has the most delicate flavor which I will top with a thin apricot glaze.
    2. A salad of our own Persian cucumbers (sweet, seedless, crisp and organic), blueberries, feta cheese and our own sungold tomatoes. White balsamic vinegarette. Scrumptious.
    3. Ricotta balls topped with a roasted tomato sauce. The balls came out very light and are incredibly tasty. I baked them. I did combine the thinking in 2 different recipes and it came out so good that it will now be a go-to recipe. It is delicate and unique. I only hope they do not fall apart when I heat them up in the sauce tomorrow.

    Gosh, this feels so good. I was thinking clearly and everything is interesting and good tasting. Tomorrow will be my triumph over MS day!
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