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    I need help with the following interpretation please. I have MS. TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multisequence MR imaging of the brain was performed without and with I.V. contrast.

    FINDINGS: Previously seen enhancement of 2 right lateral lesions has resolved. There are scattered periventricular, deep, body of the corpus callosum, and juxtacortical white matter plaques bilaterally. There are also white matter plaques in the pons, cerebellum, and middle cerebellar peduncles. The optic nerves appear small in size but without definite increased T2 signal.

    Prominent perivascular spaces are identified in the subcortical region of each cerebral hemisphere in the high frontal lobe at the level of the vertex. There is no midline shift or mass lesion. There is no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage or acute infarct. There are no extra-axial fluid collections present. No diffusion weighted signal abnormality is identified.
    Also trace pleural effusion bilaterally.

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    In basic terms: Some brain lesions have disappeared. You still have lesions in corpus Collusm and the cerebellum(balance area of brain) and in your white matter. No sign of stroke. That's all I could get anyway.
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