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    Hi this is patty, also was potatobug but forgot my user info.

    I am feeling empty. Life has no meaning. I don't feel depressed, just completely unfulfilled. I feel blank inside I find no pleasure in is tedious.

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    I remember potatobug. I am happy you found your way back Patty. I am so sorry you are in that hole. Yes I know what you mean when you say life is tedious. I feel the same. Do you have anything or anyone in your life that makes you smile? A pet maybe, children, grandchildren? Someone will be along to offer something better I am sure. I am living in my own pit here so I am not so good at advice in that area lol. Actually I could give all kinds of advice but then I would be a hypocrite because I don't follow my own dang advice. Stick around honey. Write, vent all you need wherever you need. You know the routine.

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    Glad to see you back (((Patty ))). I hope you keep talking to us,

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