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Thread: God trying my patience and forgiveness

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    Default God trying my patience and forgiveness

    Yesterday I let Dash out to go potty, it's cold so he stays close to the back door cause the poor guy doesn't have hardly any fur lol, we heard the voices of the neighbors coming out and Dash barked and I'll be darned if that woman next door didn't come into her side yard and call out to Dash who barks constantly at everybody. She immediately goes back in the house with her child as I am making Dash come in. A few minutes later I see a shadow at my front door, I gather the person rang the broken doorbell because there is no knock. Sure enough it is the lady with the killer dog and she asks if she can come in. She is very young and I get the impression from the few times I have met her she is mentally disabled. She asks me how I am doing and of course I start crying. She puts her arms around me while I cry. I don't know what else to do. Yell at her. throw her off the property. I should have, I want to still. She had brought a bag of treats over for dash and she slowly feeds them to him while he barks at her in between lol. She starts asking about my leg then proceeds to tell me that if I need anything to let her know and she will come and help me. then before I can say anything she squats down and tries to give dash kisses while he is barking at her. He doesn't seem to like her, maybe he senses it from me. He nips her in the face. She yells bad dog at him and he proceeds to bark. She is leaving and says she will check on me on Monday and gives me her number.

    She called me before 9 this morning to let me know they were taking the dogs out. Would have been nice if they had done the same a month ago.

    There was a time when I couldn't stand CJ's mother and my mother told me that God had put her in my path to teach me patience. Now we have developed a good relationship over the years and according to his family I am still family despite the breakup.

    I will not be making friends with this woman but my mother and God have put it in my heart not to be vindictive so I will be a good neighbor.

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