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Thread: Is anyone else noticing a problem with pages not loading?

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    hey all !

    i was having this prob off and on for awhile and was putting up with it because it usually resolved itself after i restarted. then my son started complaining that his games just freezing in the middle of play.

    i called at&t, my service provider and first i got this customer service rep who wanted to sell me a faster speed because i told her that i thought i was signed up for a higher speed. she had me do a speed test and said it was fine. i told her about the pages freezing and not being able to connect to some sites, but she still wanted to sell me more speed. i called back a few days later and got a different representative who looked at my records and said i had complained about this before. well, yes. so, he finally sent out a tech to my house.

    these things helped:
    having the tech department up date my modem from their computer (helped for a couple days).
    getting a new modem (they are constantly making new modem designs that are better, so if your pc is wonky it prolly needs a new modem).
    the technician put us on a different line. we have an at&t line station 2 blocks from us, so he just went there and did that.

    things i do personally:
    i don't open more than one browser.
    if i'm surfing the net at clothing sites and click on a size chart or something that shows the pic of the item bigger, i always close that little window.
    i minimize my browser every so often to see if any little pop=ups have popped up that i couldn't see when my browser was fully opened. sometimes i have a few of those. closing them helps.
    alas, i uninstalled my iGive button because they sent me an email saying iGive couldn't "talk" to some sites. you can always go to the iGive site and click on the name of the store you want to shop at and your purchase percentage will be credited. i will reinstall the iGive button when they resolve their issues. this has made an enormous difference in my speed!

    i hope this helps because i was so frustrated. this technician came out during the afternoon on new year's eve and fixed it all. bless him for working that day!

    thank you for sharing,
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    Oh to live right down the street from one of those places that can send a maintenance tech right away!

    I have CenturyLink and have noticed how they always try to sell me on a faster speed right away.

    I've concluded that these Internet service providers have everyone by the short hair. Nothing much anyone can do about it.

    Years ago, back in the primitive times of dial-up, I had a free Internet service called freeinet, and its motto was "Because the Internet was meant to be free." I like that idea. (Unfortunately, freeinet is long gone.)

    Jeannie, I gave up on iGive too, a while ago. It became clear that the money that wasn't going to BrainTalk, and I was having problems with that iGive button as well.
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    Nothing like this happened with me..!!

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