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Thread: Medicare supplement insurance and MS special meds

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    That is interesting that both companies told you the same thing. Do please call Patient Assistance Network and ask if they can recommend anyone else that you might can call who is helping with drug co-pays.

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    Bookfairy, I've had MS for 20 years, and never taken any of the MS drugs. Yet I still walk, and still drive. I'm 64, and how I feel may be what's normal for this age. MS is a money maker for the drug company's, and look how many drugs there are now. But I feel that folks would feel the same if they took nothing.

    I feel the drug companies already have the cure, but it's locked away, and it's going to stay there as long as the cash flow is what it is.

    This is only my opinion. I wish you well.

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    One of the companies suggested some grants, but I didn't qualify.

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    Bookfairy, did you check into the Useful Websites "sticky" thread at the top of the page? A number of patient assistance possibilities are suggested there.
    MS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/07 - 5/10.
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    Bookfairy: I am on Rituxan at no out of pocket expense to me, since it is given in a hospital IV clinic. The same was true when I was on Tysabri. I have Medicare and BCBS.

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    Thank you agate. I will.

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