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Thread: Extavia Has anyone gone off it?

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    Agate, if you could get that done it would be wonderful. Isn't it wonderful, that even though gone, Ann's friend has continued to benefit the rest of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agate View Post
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    Joy is still helping us!

    I think that those Websites she mentions should be included in the Useful Websites sticky thread. If nobody minds, I'll approach the moderators and see if that can be done.

    One of to have stopped functioning but the other two look as if they're still around.
    It's too late to edit this post but I was looking over the Useful Websites sticky with a view toward updating it and discovered that Joy's post is already there--post #22, October 3, 2015.

    Edited to add: I hope to update that Useful Websites thread as soon as it can be opened up for editing but that might take time.

    The MS drugs have been coming along at a fast clip, and there are many changes that need to be made in that thread.

    MODERATOR 7, if you're reading here, your PM message box is full.
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