This is an article about a teen who looked like he has SPS. He went up to Mayo who undiagnosed him and said he has Functional Neurological Disorder. They put him in an intensive program of Cog Behavioral Therapy and physical therapy, his symptoms disappeared and he is back to running track again...would love to know if he had elevated GAD65, or whether the SPS dx was based solely on clinical exam and history. The article doesnít say.

In reading posts on FB SPS pages, many have gone to Mayo and have been told that their GAD65 , while abnormal, isnít abnormal ďenoughĒ, and their gait, while abnormal, isnít so bad... etc. They undíxd them and said its not SPS but some type of Functional Disorder. I call BS. As do many of these patients...Having these awful unrelenting physical symptoms can certainly change your psyche. I donít think its the other way around....I know of two patients with MS who went to Mayo Rochester and told they just need pain management therapy , 5 days a week at Mayo for a month. And it was pricey.
I hope Mayo keeps doing research and refine what they are seeing.

Think of all the people with MS who are told its functional because they have normal MRIs. 5-10 years later, and with better MRI techniques, lo and behold their MRIs are very abnormal.

Here is the article on the teen, and then an article on Functional Neurological Disorder: