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    Default Stiff Person Syndrome

    Good morning!

    You may be in the process of figuring out if you have Stiff Person Syndrome, or you may already be diagnosed, like myself.

    As you know it’s exceedingly rare. Current stats have it at one in a million (but my husband already knew I am one in a million), which means you may have not yet a fellow sufferer. Personally, I think it’s more since I have met another SPS patient and my area of USA doesn’t have nearly a million people. It’s like the stats on MS. Forever they put it at 400,000 in USA, a gross underestimate. They finally increased it.

    I am going to use this forum to post information about Stiff Person Syndrome to help people with it to connect, learn about it and support one another.

    There is a FB page on it. It’s useful, but the format is different, and so it doesn’t allow for the same flow of information.

    And perhaps if this becomes an active Stiff Person Syndrome site, google will find it and thus help other patients find it.

    More later today.
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