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Thread: R.I.P. my bestest friend Brody

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    Default R.I.P. my bestest friend Brody

    neighbor man's pitbull got a hold of him and punctured a single hole through his carotid artery into his windpipe and he drowned in his own blood. It's my fault, I was outside waiting on CJ and they wanted out and usually if I go out like that they stay right by me. I turned to go in and called them and the neighbor dog barked and that was all it took, they darted after her, she was on a long tie out. by the time I got around the corner of the house she had Brody by the neck. When I yelled no, no, and ran, I can actually run if necessary I have discovered, the dog let go but I could tell brody was wounded. CJ finally came right at the end and we rushed Brody to the vet er but I know he was dead when I brought him in. He died in my arms on the way tot hte er clinic. Single puncture wound, very little blood, except in his mouth. Oh God, I'm sorry fo rthe gory details but I need to get it out. It was all my fault. My dogs ran into his yard while she was tied up.

    CJ got into almost a fist fight with the old man. He called the police and they patched us through to the er clinic. He said he wants the dog put down, the man already told people that his dog didn't like little dogs and we have loose pets quite often in this neighborhood. I even gave the daughter our number and told her to call me when the dogs are out so I could make sure the boys are in. Everybody is usually good about other people's pets, this is a small neighborhood. The news of what happened has spread like wildfire last night, I don't think the man will be there much longer. The neighborhood told me over the summer theyre keeping an eye out on who rents, lol, theyre like a secret society. We know the owners and are friends with them they still stay in contact with everyone on FB and by phone. I am sure they know already.

    I don't want another dog to die, it wasn't her fault and as soon as I yelled no a couple times she immediately backed off and looked at me. she obeyed and was fine around me. He was defending Dash. but Dash was too fast for her brody didnt have a chance. It was such a long lead. The dog should be fenced. Though so should mine. well they are but it isn't working, I have to go out to the back forty and run a bunch of line and probably have to order new collar. I am going to do that before we get some snow. I have to find the wire I think it is out there.

    anyway, I am beating myself up, I should have at least checked but I have always seen her out with her owners on a lead. I didn't know they were letting her out like that. we are totally devastated. Jared even had to lock himself in his room after I checked on him he couldn't talk to anyone. Thats okay we ahve cried still crying. He is buried in the flower bed next to the patio witha cast iron big heart shaped flower hanger but I have a bird house hanging from it. anyway cj made that his tombstone. Will forget -me -nots grow in the shade? Im babbleing im soryy

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