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Thread: Brain lesions, family, anger

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    Question Brain lesions, family, anger

    I used to research ms after I was dx in 2003
    until I went on disability in 2009. I had some tough
    times but I was doing so well and now
    I hit a wall. Im falling down a lot but my concern is my brain. I was in
    My car and got hit while at a stop sign and
    When I relayed what happened I told everyone
    That the person hit my passenger side
    When it was the driver side. So that alarms
    Me but my family keeps brushing me off
    Saying it could happen to anyone. I understand a lot of symptoms can be that but
    This is different and I'm so angry
    Getting that response. I was dx with early
    Symptoms in 1997 so I think I know the
    Difference. Im so damn mad At my family it isn't funny. They pulled the same crap
    When I told them I kept repeating the same
    Stories to people (probably them as well) Later a dr told me I
    Was relating people to specific events.
    I also was telling them I was forgetting
    A lot which made my job really difficult.
    When I was evaluated I was asked how
    I managed to hold my job! Luckily I
    Had a friend who covered for me. The hell with them what I need explained is this

    my last MRI says

    "an increasing
    Number of brain lesions, the small enhancing
    Lesion and the involvement of the corpus
    Callosum are findings consistent with ms
    Dx. All of the visualized lesions are rather
    I don't understand what part of the
    Brain is being effected? My vision has taken a nose dive as well.

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    This sounds so frustrating, and maybe lonely to not have people grasp what you’re telling them.

    Re lesions, maybe see a neuropsychologist. She can do cognitive testing with you to help understand how MS lesions are affecting you, pinpoint your strengths and describe the declines. I found it helpful.

    Welcome back though, and I wish I could be more helpful.

    Also, on a personal side, I have rapidly declined the past 12 months. I found myself furious at my DH for not grasping and retaining what is wrong with me. I came to realize I was really just furious about the illness and overreacting to his imperfections.
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    I remember you, petpuppy! Welcome back. Unfortunately I can't remember any more about you than your name and so it's good that you provided a brief summary.

    Getting information wrong when telling someone something is really common, even among those without MS. You're concerned about having stated that it was the passenger side and not the driver side of the vehicle that was hit--why not try to recall the people you said that to and ask yourself how important it is to straighten it out with each of them, and then explain to those people that you were upset at the time and got it wrong? Some of them will undoubtedly be people who don't need to hear any more about it, and others might be people (lawyers, for instance) who need to get every detail right.

    This isn't evidence that your mind is "going." One problem with MS is that since we know it affects the brain, sometimes we're a little too alert to signs of mental trouble.

    You could ask your neuro to do some cognitive testing if you'd like to know more about whether you're having significant cognitive problems. The testing can be repeated in a year or two for comparison. The tests usually involve memory, and you might be asked to draw a simple picture. Maybe you've had them already? If you have, why not ask the neuro if the testing could be repeated?

    As for the MRI, the corpus callosum is a common area of the brain where MS lesions to appear. There's no connection between where the lesions are and the kinds of symptoms a person is having. There may be such connections but they're not known yet.

    If you have MS, and the MRI seems to indicate that you do, you can have symptoms just about anywhere in your body. You just never know because the central nervous system controls everything we do.
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    We all do have to be careful to not ascribe everything wrong with us to the MS. It might be other things. Loss of visual acuity could simply be a matter of age. Almost everyone, as they get older, lose some vision. Many people as they age lose some hearing. Everybody is forgetful; it doesn't always mean its MS . Bcout as the others said, getting cognitive testing done might ease your mind--- or prove to your family that you are having cognitive problems..
    ...I am not a doctor nor medical professional, and don't pretend to be one, here... :o

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    Welcome back, Petpuppy. I remember your name.
    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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    I remember your name from a while ago. Welcome back!

    Whatever happens around you, don't take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. -- Miguel Ruiz

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    I'm so sorry you had a car accident but I'm so glad you got out of it okay. As the others have pointed out go please easy on yourself. When my friend had a stroke, and made simple errors he would get a bit alarmed thinking it was the stroke when in reality he did that kind of error way before his stroke all the time. However if you feel something is wrong get checked out. One can never be too careful. Some adaptations can be made for memory.
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    Petpuppy, I also remember your name. Welcome back to the forum.

    I can understand you being upset. Try to work your way out of it because the stress of it is so bad for you.

    Let us know how you continue to do. I have some cognitive problems and it is so frustrating. People say "Oh everyone does that", but they do not understand. Only those of us who have MS can understand the ramifications of it and how much it can effect a person. I have spelled some things and said things here on this board and then read them later and I have been ashamed that I sounded like I had not been educated.

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    Thanks everyone. I don't know what I would have
    done without you all especially when I was
    First diagnosed. It's good to be back in touch. Insurance company called
    Saying they denied liability and I told them I
    Was incorrect about accident so I wasn't going to pursue. I only had was a fine 5 inch line of paint she did put it wasn't worth a claim. (Especially since I was so confused and insinuated the accident did much more but no need for a confession)

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    Sounds like you’re a person of integrity

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