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Thread: Brain lesions, family, anger

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    Question Brain lesions, family, anger

    I used to research ms after I was dx in 2003
    until I went on disability in 2009. I had some tough
    times but I was doing so well and now
    I hit a wall. Im falling down a lot but my concern is my brain. I was in
    My car and got hit while at a stop sign and
    When I relayed what happened I told everyone
    That the person hit my passenger side
    When it was the driver side. So that alarms
    Me but my family keeps brushing me off
    Saying it could happen to anyone. I understand a lot of symptoms can be that but
    This is different and I'm so angry
    Getting that response. I was dx with early
    Symptoms in 1997 so I think I know the
    Difference. Im so damn mad At my family it isn't funny. They pulled the same crap
    When I told them I kept repeating the same
    Stories to people (probably them as well) Later a dr told me I
    Was relating people to specific events.
    I also was telling them I was forgetting
    A lot which made my job really difficult.
    When I was evaluated I was asked how
    I managed to hold my job! Luckily I
    Had a friend who covered for me. The hell with them what I need explained is this

    my last MRI says

    "an increasing
    Number of brain lesions, the small enhancing
    Lesion and the involvement of the corpus
    Callosum are findings consistent with ms
    Dx. All of the visualized lesions are rather
    I don't understand what part of the
    Brain is being effected? My vision has taken a nose dive as well.

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