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    Default Book Club: What are you reading?

    Personally, I love to read. I read the old fashion kind, not digital. Just like holding the book! Reading is something I can do. And I have to rest so much, it’s a source of entertainment.

    I thought it would be nice to hear what people are or were, or are going to read. In the past, I got my best ideas for book selection from a cooking website that reviews books.

    I just finished Michael Connelly’s newest book, Two Truths. It’s another Harry Bosch book and has a good plot, as usual. It takes place after the election of D.Trump. He is never mentioned, but there are a few wise allusions to his pathology. The title of the book points to Trumps idea of truth, but the book is about other truths ....his book will give you a good peak behind the criminal aspects of the opioid epidemic. It’s an alarming part of the epidemic, one I didn’t know about. Connelly (and John Sandford) are my favorite mystery writers.

    Now I will read East of Eden by John Steinbeck.i loved it 20+ years ago and cannot recall any of it, so I get to read it again. It’s an advantage to being older, forgetting plots read many years far, none of it rings a bell!

    I look forward to hearing about your reads!
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