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Thread: Book Club: What are you reading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine View Post
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    I liked the first half, barely tolerated the last third. I did like learning about how Japan treats their own Korean citizens.
    That’s exactly how I felt. Not as great a book as the hype and awards suggest but I am glad I read it.

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    I finished Laz’s Recommendation Everything I Never Told You. It was very good and I def recommend it.

    (It’s what I had hoped Pachinko would’ve been. )

    It is the story of a family with Asian dad and Caucasian mom, and issues about being The Other in America. Eye opener for sure. More interesting to me was the depiction of the parents subtle psychological problems and marital problems and it’s impact on the kids. And, you’re wondering all the way through the book on why their teenage daughter died.

    the answer is complex and subtle and the author shows tremendous skill in handling nuance.

    The book is very readable, complex but not obtuse.

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