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    Default severe anxiety

    My anxiety level is just sky high. The MMJ helps take the edge off. I've had to cut back on my Klonopin because of my primary care. I was taking 1mg doses, one in the a.m. then two before sleep to help with my stage 4 sleep. My primary muttered something about the DEA and klonopin and changed all my doses to .5 mg. I take all three before bed making it 1.5 mg instead of my normal 2 mg. My psych is who prescribed it so I am going to talk to him. I am not sleeping well since I had my heart attack and I know it's due to this vest I have on, the heart meds and my change in night meds. Not to mention that when my head hits the pillow all I can think about is my heart attack.

    Yesterday I went and got some medibles to help me fall asleep and ate a strawberry chocolate covered swiss roll last night. immediately went to sleep about 45 min later and slept til 5 when the bathroom called. Took me a sec to get comfortable again but I went right back to sleep.

    I am early to bed these days. I feel like an old person lol. Except I can no longer nap due to racing thoughts. This is very disconcerting to me as I feel like napping about 3 but I just lay there. I think I do drift off for a short bit cause when I look at the clock time has gone by. I don't feel rested and I don't feel like there was a break in the racing thoughts. I am ready for bed at about 9 in the p.m. and I get ready and get in then read til a bit after 10.

    My racing thoughts about my health, my money or lack thereof, and my son's schooling are at the forefront of my mind constantly. Shortcake made a go fund me page. It made me sad that he is worrying too. We made ten dollars in the short time it was up but I haven't circulated it nor collected the money. Seems greedy to me. Lord knows I could use the money but I don't think my issues are not bad enough to have a go fund me page.
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    This really sounds chemical to me. I would ask your doctor about trying alternate meds. Or maybe one or more doses is too high. Nothing wrong with cutting back or switching these things out... this can take time to get right. Heart meds do have some strange side effects, and you may be experiencing a stimulant effect from that. Try not to upset yourself, and work with your doctor to adjust your meds, dosages and even the time(s) you're medicating. See if you can avoid medicating before bed, I mean, try and medicate as early as possible/as many hours BEFORE bedtime as you can. And if you can tolerate a sweet at bedtime, that may help you sleep. What age is your son?

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    I read all the paperwork that usually comes from the pharmacy and split up the meds that weren't to be taken with each other. I only take one heart med at night and the rest in the morning. I do believe these make me feel a bit "high" and a bit "energetic" but come late afternoon and I am plumb wore out. I think my own brain wears me out.

    In the a.m. I was taking 600 mg of neruontin, 1mg of Klonopin, 800 mg of ibuprofen and 150 mg of Effexor. Along with some extras that are necessary. Now I only take the Effexor which I have been on forever but it is one of those meds where you can't tell if it is working unless you don't take it.

    I quit taking the neurontin except for the one before bed to help with sleep because of heart issues, the ibuprofen I might take one every other day on an as needed basis because I read that it is not heart health friendly and my .5 Klonopin I save for the evening.

    Last night I ate a chocolate crunch medible from one of my more recommended caregivers and slept straight through til 8 a.m. That is going to bed at nine thirty. I actually feel more rested than I have in a long time.

    I don't know who has tried or used medibles for sleep but in order for them to work their best you have to be ready for bed, preferably in bed if you like to read or do book puzzles, and you have to give them about 30 to 45 minutes to work then turn out the light and let your head hit the pillows. If you eat one and then are up moving around they aren't going to work as effectively. Just like any sleep medication. Only they can last longer than the usual four hours you get with the poison. Lord I remember when they gave me Seroquil (sp) for sleep now that is some nasty stuff but it works for some people.

    The chocolate helps my cravings and if you look around you can find big enough servings to make it fulfilling. I don't get them very often as they are five dollars each. Now for most people who have a low tolerance a brownie for example can give 2 to 4 servings, with a good caregiver that is the way it should be. Now with candies and some chocolates you get more dosages in one package. Say 5 to 7 candies and for a newbie that would take care of pain or sleep many times.

    Thank you for your spiritual quotes sp, they fill my heart with a bit of peace.

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