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Thread: Rigid versus Fold up wheelchairs

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    Default Rigid versus Fold up wheelchairs

    I just got a call from the medical supply store. Two chairs came in for me to try out. One is a rigid chair with swingaway legs. The other one is a fold up chair with Swingway legs.

    I did not like that particular rigid chair with swing away legs, it was too heavy and clunky. but I am not opposed to an ultralight model of a rigid chair with swing away legs.

    I did like the fold up chair with swing away legs that she showed me today. The person said that she will also try to see whether there is a better ultralight rigid chair with Swingway legs to compare. She said very few ultralight rigid chairs have swingaway legs for some reason.

    I asked her what the advantages of a fold up chair are and what the disadvantages are. The disadvantage is that they are heavier than a rigid chair. The advantage is obvious.

    This leaves me the question which I ask You here :do you prefer Rigid or fold up? Do you have any further comments about the pros and cons of rigid versus fold up?

    I am very close to ordering a chair now. I am just going to wait until she calls me about whether she can find another ultralight rigid chair with swing away legs. She stated that most of them have foot plates and not swingaway legs....I know now that I definitely do not want foot plates, only swingaway legs.

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