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Thread: This is ACTIVE MSers newsletter that I got today...

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    Default This is ACTIVE MSers newsletter that I got today...

    Hi everyone. This is an MS site I use a lot.
    The host is Dave Bexfield. In the newsletter I received I could click on the Ectrims studies he refers to...i don't think those links carried over but the MS news is really exciting from the Paris conference.

    November 2017

    Dave basic
    So I almost hurt myself patting myself on the back the other day (and, comically, again this morning) after ActiveMSers got tabbed, thrice this past month, as one of the best MS blogs in the universe. Such a feel good. One honoring site even provided a huge "beautiful, customized badge" that I could add to my website to celebrate such a crowning achievement (with a convenient embedded link). The fact that this blog list didn't actually digitally link to any actual blogs raised a flag, but hey, maybe they forgot even though it's a list of blogs and all. And then I saw my "ranking": #18. I can't even name 18 reliable MS blogs, but at least everybody gets a trophy. I'm #18 and damn proud, woo-hoo! (Sarcasm aside, I'm far prouder for the recent mention in Wheelchair Kamikaze's list of most useful MS websites. Are your faves included?) Now let's get to the big news: ECTRIMS, Paris.

    + MS Exercise Research Highlights. When the largest MS conference in the world wrapped up its meeting in France late last month, exercise research once again enlightened. Where to begin? How about with high intensity interval training (HIIT), which researchers found more effective than standard exercise "yet without sustained deleterious effects on core temperature, walking, gait, cognition, mood, or enjoyment in persons with MS." And then there was this study that found brain atrophy in MS could be ameliorated by aerobic exercise and another that found aerobic exercise is potentially neuroregenerative in MS, inducing increased functional and structural connectivity. So researchers could not have been shocked when they discovered in yet another study that regular MS exercisers had fewer cognition issues.

    + But Wait, There's More. Other new exercise studies published at ECTRIMS found "maximum strength training programs seem to be effective in reducing perceived fatigue and improving functional ability." Heavy stuff. ... Another found that how much you sleep, how fit you are (resting HR), and how much you weigh (BMI) all influence wellness in MS. ... And another discovered promising effects including improved cognitive function after dance intervention, meaning time to get your Despacito on! (And if you don't know that song, you need an infusion of hipness--it is now the most viewed video on YouTube ever with 4.2 billion views!)
    BREAKING: A new randomized study found that aspirin appears effective in taming heat's negative effects when exercising with multiple sclerosis. Pretreating with "aspirin may represent an easy, economical treatment to enable people with MS to access the many benefits of exercise." Also, MSers who have used overheating as a reason to avoid working out are now TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. But remember: always talk to your doc first before winging drugs or supplements on your own.

    + Biotin, DMDs, Stem Cells, and 1 Million. You know that sentence I just wrote about winging it with treatment? Conflicting new research warns that the supplement Biotin actually could make your MS worse. ... Another study examined data from 12K patients over 10+ years and found that starting on a disease modifying therapy sooner delayed the accumulation of irreversible disability in relapse remitting MS. ... Meanwhile, a new Italian stem cell transplant study found the treatment to result in NEDA (no evidence of disease activity) in 72% of RRMS and 55% of SPMS patients over 5 years. ... Finally, according to new research sponsored by the MS Society, 1 million people in the US have MS, more than double the earlier 400K estimate. Yeah, the same one used since 1975. 'Bout time.

    + Sister, Wife in MS Spotlight. Could PT save your life? Many of you know this story, but if you don't, it's a good, quick recap of one of the scariest moments of my life with multiple sclerosis. My physical therapist sister Karen (also an acclaimed glass artist) is beyond awesome. ... Speaking of awesome, WebMD asked Laura for her take on being a caregiver for someone with multiple sclerosis. So she brought up "the incident." Yeah, that one. How staples in my head lead to her taking on full-time duties of her least favorite chore ever.
    Okay, after you've taken in this avalanche of new research, swing by my blog for a chuckle and my newest post about changing plans (including my upended career choice as an international spy). After all, it's for your health. Really. MS researchers just found that "individuals who reported using humor as a coping mechanism also reported engaging in more social and intellectual activities" and tended to eat healthier and exercise. Translation: members of ActiveMSers are unbelievably friendly and brilliant. That means you. Keep it up! Be active, stay fit, and keep exploring!

    Dave Bexfield

    p.s. What happens when a couple of industrial designers put their heads together to develop a wholly new approach to the crutch? Mobility Designed has created something refreshingly different and we are currently testing a pair. Reminder: discounts on cooling vests and other gear can be found in the Members Only area of our forum. No registration is required--to enter, just type the password: msisbs.

    ActiveMSers, 706 Los Prados de Guadalupe Dr NW, Los Ranchos de

    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says:"Oh Crap, She's up!"

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    What is the staples in head incident?

    Lately it’s been a challenge to stay active. Walking is no longer option. Can do weight lifting seated with arms, not legs. Legs lead to spasms. On better days swim is limited to 15 minutes, and only if not doing much of anything else .

    Still flailing around to find ways to stay fit.

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