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Thread: New Guy with Colloid Cyst...HI!!!!

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    Default New Guy with Colloid Cyst...HI!!!!

    Good Day,
    I was diagnosed this week with a colloid cyst and found this forum during my search for more information over the last couple days. I was referred, but have yet to make my appointment with a neurosurgeon. For me, this was found incidental to a CT scan for a sinus infection. I am a 36yo male otherwise in great health. From what I can interpret from my MRI my colloid cyst is .6 x .4 x .5 cm, so relatively small. I am asymptomatic and there is MRI evidence of anything looking abnormal in my brain. Without my first consult, I am taking this as having time to totally evaluate my case as well as find a good option should/when surgery is likely. My MRI readings note slightly hyperintense relative to brain on T1 and hypointense on T2. I am currently in the US Air Force on active duty with just over 18 years of service. This means I fall under Tricare for insurance and will likely have to both advocate my case myself to find a good surgeon and work the insurance end to get approved.

    Glad I found this forum and am really hoping to navigate this curve ball life has thrown me with the best hopes and attitude.

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    Hey New Guy. It's been a while since you posted, am I just checking to see everything is going ok still. Have you had a neurosurgeon appointment? Any other symptoms? I hope you've been ok navigating your curve ball...

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