I have head pressure (no actual headache, pressure primarily builds between/above nose bridge and at temples), instability/vertigo, brainfog, and exhaustion that is only relieved by lying down flat.

But I'm also wondering if these other symptoms could be attributed to a CSF leak:
(1) Strange fluid flow sensations in head at night, e.g. on top
(2) Heat/"burning" sensation in back of neck and sometimes back of head, often as a precursor to the "standard" CSF Leak symptoms outlined above (e.g. because I was upright for too long)
(3) A strange sensation at night where immense heat builds in the core of my torso and then rushes out, usually leaving my back, back of neck, and back of head feeling very warm.
(4) Discomfort all around my body (difficult to describe) accompanied by a sense of dread / "impending doom"