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Thread: Happy Halloween!

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    Default Happy Halloween!

    Well, we had our yearly Halloween visitor a few days early this year. This fellow was seen on the front patio this morning, slowly marching along. My husband went out to take a picture. When DH spoke to the tarantula (I know, he's weird!), the tarantula stopped and turn to face him to look at him for a moment, then went on his way.

    This is the time of year they are on the move, looking for love! It was on Halloween day, one year ago, that we last saw one.

    Here's everything you ever wanted to know about tarantulas, and some you probably didn't!
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    Big Guy isn't he!!!

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    I had a rose haired tarantula as a pet once. The color of a true redhead. I even talked my mom into letting it walk across her hand, and she hated spiders. Mom loved her weird son Howie.
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    This will bring Cherie's nightmare back!

    Big spider!

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    They can get pretty big. Supposedly harmless if they bite but I never really cozied up to them somehow.

    One of my neighbors has a huge (fake) tarantula displayed on her door in honor of Halloween.
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    Default! I'm not really afraid of spiders, but don't want them in the house.
    ...I am not a doctor nor medical professional, and don't pretend to be one, here... :o

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