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    Default Another short piece describing someone's MS pain...

    Sorry, I did not get the fellow's name and now I cannot find the site I was on....BUT, this is a perfect description for some of us.

    "Burning and stabbing sensations" by ????????
    Perhaps the most agonizing symptom I have is the burning and stabbing sensations. I am thankful not everyone with MS gets these, because it really does feel like a punishment being handed down for some terrible thing Iíve done in my past. Primarily affecting my legs (though occasionally my arms will be hit as well) most of the time, it feels like I am burning from the inside out. Some days itís a mild burn or even just achiness, but many other times itís an intense searing pain. I feel like Iím being burned at the stake at times. It can last from minutes to even a full day. Itís just awful, thereís no word that truly can explain how awful it is. Iíve had my share of pains in my life. Iíve suffered numerous broken bones (including breaking my hand/fingers at least eight times), several bad cuts (at least one right to the bone), torn a hamstring, absorbed some vicious hits in football and hockey, a couple of concussions, torn my meniscus, chipped a bone in my knee, a bad bout of meningitis, a severe burn that resulted in hospital time, and have had some pretty bad falls from MS (one recent one through a glass window). I like to think I have a good pain tolerance, but nothing has really compared to this burning sensation I get now. Itís a level of pain I never imagined existed and I now deal with it on a daily basis.

    In addition to all that, I will also occasionally get a quick, sharp, electrical shock-like pain that comes and goes out of nowhere. Weíll be on the couch watching TV and Iíll yell out because it comes on so unexpectedly. Even if itís just my wife with me, I still feel a tad embarrassed for letting out a yelp like that, but I canít help it because itís so sudden. I will also occasionally experience some sensitivity to my skin, where if you touch me, it hurts.

    Having these pains and sensations day in and day out can have a profound effect on a person. I know itís changed me, even if Iím not entirely sure how. Obviously it can cause some moodiness and even some anger. I often feel like Iím being punished. I never felt that way about MS until I started having really bad pain, so I find myself wondering what I did, even though I know thatís not logical. Consistent pain can really mess with your head. At times, itís hard to think clearly (add to that MS Cog Fog and as a former engineer, I feel pretty useless). There are many moments when I just sort of ďcheck outĒ on whatever is going on around me. Iíll be in a daze because my mind is consumed with trying to understand and deal with the sensations my body is experiencing. All of it is made even worse because itís invisible to everyone else. You end up living with this fear of skepticism, this concern that your friends, family, and even doctors may not believe you. If they canít see it and they havenít experienced it, they will never truly understand. Thatís a tough thing to deal with and probably why I have such a connection to others I meet who also have MS.

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