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    Hi - I've been on disability for 24 years due to MS. I've recently decided that I'm feeling well enough to work part time. I'm 58, and I won't make anywhere near the SGA threshold, so I'm not real worried about that part of it. But I've been trying unsuccessfully to find info on whether I have to report the job before I start. Does anyone know how that works?

    I know that I need to report the income, and it's on the books anyway. But is there something I'm supposed to do before that? Thanks!

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    I finally got through to SSA, so I'll answer my own question in case it'll help someone else. I was told that I should call the 800 number after I get my first paycheck, and report it then.

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    Hi singingmom,

    You were on the MS board some years ago? I remember you--and welcome back!

    I worked part time for many years though I've been disabled due to MS. I'm always on the lookout for jobs I can do to pick up a few dollars, and since I've been a freelance translator, I occasionally do get jobs. I haven't done any work in several years, and each year I worked I earned about only about $500 total for the year. Many years ago I had a couple of years when I earned about $1,000 but due to the MS I'm very slow and to earn that much I had to work long hours.

    Because I usually didn't earn enough to have to report it, my memory is fuzzy on this but a couple of years I paid self-employment tax on my earnings (Schedule SE?) when I filed the annual tax return. I don't recall ever having to report it to Social Security otherwise, but the self-employment tax filing probably lets them know about my earnings.

    Good luck with your part-time work! I believe many people with disabilities do work part time. It helps to have some extra income!
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    Just make sure you don't go over the allowed limit. When I was able to work part-time I went a little over their limit and was penalized. So be careful about that. Otherwise, as far as taxes were concerned I was not self employed so I just reported what was on my W-2 when I filed my taxes.

    Glad you are that much better. To be able to return to work, even part-time after that long sounds great.

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