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Thread: Fire! Fire! Fire!

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    Default Fire! Fire! Fire!

    Hey everyone, as many of you may already know, I’m here in California, and if you have been watching the news of late, we are getting hit by wildfires. I’m right next to San Francisco Bay, so I’m not immediately threatened. The major fires are raging just north of me, in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. What had me extremely worried as of Monday morning was Mike, for he lives with his father in the heart of Napa County. Tuesday morning, when I heard that over 1500 structures had been destroyed. Whole neighborhoods, malls, hotels, the works! I even wondered if the PetFood Express where he works was still there! I texted him. No answer.... (OMG, I kept thinking all day) I finally got and answer that evening from him. He told me he was safe! Whew, what a relief! He also said that power had just been restored. (Power & cell services to those areas had been down since the firestorm had been raging.) I have seen pictures and videos in the news of roads and areas with 100+ year old farms, vineyards and dairys I had just been by a week before, ablaze with flame and raining fire.

    Over 2k structures lost.
    18 people confirmed dead (expected to rise)
    180 people missing
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    Thank you, David!

    Be safe, Mike.

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    I saw this on the news, and it certainly is a major blaze--so calamitous for so many. Hope you and Mike will continue to steer clear of it.
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    ((((((David)))))) ~

    Thank you for checking in with us. I'm so grateful that you and ((((((Mike)))))) are safe. Please let Mike know that we are praying for him, his dad and you to remain safe. This fire is just horrendous and tragic.

    In Southern California, the Canyon Fire 2 is about 45 percent contained, with full containment expected by Saturday. While it has burned about 8,000 acres and destroyed about 24 homes, there has been no loss of life. We are thankful that it isn't nearly as bad as the Northern California fires.

    Many prayers for all affected by these fires ~

    Love & Light,

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