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    Hello Everyone! Just posting to let you all know I will be receiving my first Ocrevus infusion this Thursday. I'm a little nervous since I'm not entirely sure what I am in for, but hopefully everything will be okay.

    I was unhappy to learn that the 5 hour process will take 6 hours according to the infusion center rep. Being as I am bed-bound I can't imagine what it will be like if I don't have a place to lay down. No way I can sit in a recliner the entire time.

    The woman I spoke to by phone said they do have beds but she was vague and I didn't remember to mention I would probably be needing one. She was talking very fast and told me a couple of times how busy they are. It didn't seem like there would be a place for Curt to be with me, but maybe I am mistaken.

    Agate I will try to remember all the details as you requested in an earlier thread seems like I will have plenty of time to make notes. My infusion will begin at 10:00 am and I am hoping the time passes as quickly as possible.

    I'd appreciate any helpful comments by those who have been down this road already.
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