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Thread: Gerson Diet halts prostate cancer

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    Default Gerson Diet halts prostate cancer

    In 1990, I received a physical examination where the prostate tests indicated a problem. A sonogram and biopsy revealed 3 malignant sections out of 6. Discussions with the doctor led me to believe I had about 5 years to live, whether or not I had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. I declined his offer and told him, “don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

    My wife and I looked at alternative methods for treatment. At least a dozen different organizations were contacted and the information we received was reviewed carefully. The only option that appeared logical was the Gerson Therapy. We visited the Gerson Hospital in Mexico where I talked to the doctors and the patients. We were

    Following our visit, we returned to our home in Chula Vista and prepared for the start of the therapy by procuring a Norwalk juicer, an additional refrigerator for the organic food and built an enema bench over the bathroom tub and located an organic farm serveral miles from our home.

    I entered the hospital in January 1991 with my wife as my companion. The second day of treatment, I experienced tremendous pain, as if my left side was on fire. The doctors were elated saying the treatment was working. Then on the fourth day, I felt as through a truck had run over me and once again the doctors rejoiced – but I felt like hell. Other things occurred, such as my sense of smell became acute. One morning at breakfast, with about 20 people present, I asked, “Who was smoking?” A companion of another patient confessed she had smoked a cigarette outside before breakfast.

    I also began to experience a tingling in my finger tips on my left hand. I was previously diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), in 1964 and with a gluten-free diet, I had reversed the numbing sensation so much that about 90% of feeling returned, leaving a small residual numbness. The tingling was a healing process brought on by therapy and today I have recovered 100%.

    After a week of therapy at the hospital, I returned home with a box of medications and continued the therapy for the next 18 months. I had brought my medical records with me when entering the hospital and was told it would take that amount of time to rebuild the liver. In addition to the 3 malignant sections of the prostate, I had a tumor in the colon and a hole in my liver.

    At the end of the first month, I had blood work drawn in Chula Vista and brought the results down to the doctor in Mexico. We would discuss my progress and the doctor would give me the changes necessary for the treatment for the following month. This monthly visit with the doctor continued for the full 18 months.

    My wife and I started the treatment in earnest. We followed the therapy to the letter and I must admit it wasn’t easy. Between the enemas, juicing, the food allowed (or I should say, the lack of food I was used to eating), kept us very busy. We were both so tired by the end of the day, we had no trouble sleeping at night.

    I lost 27 pound in my first 3 months of therapy and wanted to quit many times, but my warden (my wife) would hand me a juice and tell me we had too much invested to quit.

    During the fourth month, my PSA increased 250% which surprised the doctor. We decided to continue therapy and wait to see what the count would be the following month. And the fifth month, my PSA started to decrease, which continued through the completion of the therapy.

    Now, since I constantly complained about lack of food, at the eighth month doctor’s visit, I was permitted dark bread (no yeast), butter and beans. About this time in the therapy, I experienced bleeding from the colon while elimination following enemas, which continued for 3 days. The doctor was notified and he told me to “watch and wait” and I called him again when the bleeding stopped. The doctor believed the tumor in the colon had broken loose and I had passed it. Another milestone achieved!

    During the twelfth month of treatment, I was rewarded with a 1-inch square piece of poached chicken. I remember savoring that tiny morsel immensely.

    Finally, the 18th month of treatment arrived and my blood tests revealed a PSA of 0.06 and the doctor said I had successfully completed the therapy.

    The treatment worked for me and I’m doing very well after 14 years. I don’t follow the Gerson diet now, but we’ve learned a lot from our experience, such as no alcohol, no salt, lots of vegetables and fruits – and everything in moderation.
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    This material is entirely quoted from the source you've linked to, but there is no indication that it is quoted material. You can highlight the text you're quoting and then click on the icon at the top right of the message window to wrap [QUOTE] tags around it, and it will appear as a quotation.

    Also, the third (or second?) paragraph ends with the words "We were." The rest of the sentence is missing. It would be helpful to know what the missing material is but the original has the same problem.

    And, most importantly, Dr. Gerson's regimen has been called harmful by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

    and by the American Cancer Society:
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

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    Much appreciated. I will study the links provided.

    Warmest thanks,


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