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Thread: Mineral deficiencies and ADHD

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    Default Mineral deficiencies and ADHD

    Zinc deficiency has been associated with inattentive symptoms and there is evidence that zinc supplementation can benefit children with ADHD and low zinc levels. Iron, magnesium
    and iodine may also have an effect on ADHD symptoms. There is evidence of a modest benefit of omega 3 supplementation, but it is not recommended in place of traditional medication.


    Magnesium deficiency was found in 95 per cent of children with ADHD. This deficiency is most frequently reflected in hair samples (77.6 per cent), in red blood cells (58.6 per cent), and
    to a lesser extent, in serum (33.6 per cent) of children with ADHD. The lower the magnesium levels, the greater the attention deficit. Supplementation with magnesium reduced symptoms of hyperactivity in these children.

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