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Thread: Ibogaine therapy for Lyme Disease

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    Default Ibogaine therapy for Lyme Disease

    Lyme Disease is a closely related neurological disease, though it is caused by bacteria, and ALS is an auto-immune response. At first I was diagnosed with MS, the symptoms can be very similar, but they were able to screen it out after a lumbar puncture (they drew out spinal fluid, and tested it for antibodies, bacterias, etc) and figured out it was Lyme because I had the bacteria present in my spinal fluid even though it didn't show up on a PCR of my blood.

    I'm the first person I know of to have taken ibogaine with a neurological disease somewhat like MS and ALS. I've experienced nerve pain after an ibogaine flood, and Lyme is a neurological disease, so perhaps something like that could happen to an ALS patient depending on how ibogaine would stimulate their immune system. I guess that the actual disease is not a safety or health hazard when combined with ibogaine. I took ibogaine not even knowing I had something wrong with me, and had burning pain afterwards, but I still felt much better.

    -fallen eden
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