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Thread: Visual field test question

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    Michelle (PurpleTulips), you mention a doctor and a GP but I see no mention of a neurologist. Have you ever seen a neurologist?

    It sounds as if the numbness and tingling problems aren't satisfactorily explained or resolved. Have you thought of asking your regular doctor for a referral to a neurologist for an evaluation of your symptoms?
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    Purple Tulips,
    When I first read your description, I immediately thought of how my migraines used to start with visual disruption followed by a severe (light sensitive, sound sensitive, nausea) headache. My visual field exam (I am guessing you are talking about clicking a button everytime you see a light when you are looking at a white back drop?) showed that there was a significant patch of vision missing in my left eye. That, in part, is what helped get my diagnosis for MS. The MRI helped as well. As I have gotten older, the migraines have stopped but the visual field loss is still there from the MS

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