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Thread: Chronic pain and new medication policies at the Veterans Adminstration health care

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    Question Chronic pain and new medication policies at the Veterans Adminstration health care

    Last week I saw our VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Care hospital) "pain" specialist. Instead of getting someone well versed in pain management, I got someone who is anti pain meds/opiods! He gave me all these "stats" about how I will die sooner if I continue with the opiods, how I will have a stroke, have oxygen issues, or overdose and how anti seizure meds are better for pain.

    I've had chronic pain for over 40 years. I've been on opiods for about 20. I've had no issues with oxygen (98% or above). No issues with losing meds or misusing them. They don't control all my pain and I have less pain control then I had before they lowered me from Fentanyl150 mcg/mL to Fentanyl 75 mcg/mL. I was also getting Oxycontin for break through pain. I also use a tens unit, acupuncture (which isn't supposed to work if you're on opiods) and a minimum of 2 hours each day of yoga, stretches, pt, and meditation. He wants to switch me to Valproic Acid. I've tried anti-seizure meds before and had a psychotic break while on gabapentin (Neurontin). I never had any luck with pain control while using anti seizure meds.

    Already there are numerous articles about problems with these changes:

    Is this happening to anyone else? Any suggestions?
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    Disabledquillest - I am in the same boat and wish I had known that you too had to deal with the VA. The VA stinks when it comes to Pain Management -- I ENLISTED to get my butt shoot at and this is how I get treated - BS. Anyway, if you ever care to discuss the VA, and how you are treated, PM me and we can talk - Also - if you use My Healthy vet, be aware that they change things and delete things, print out records as soon as they are posted as they may "disappear.
    Many Blessings to you,
    THANK YOU for your service
    Skypilot Steve

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    That's why I get hard copies the day after my visit. I download all info into 3 different flash drives as well as the hard copy. Sorry for your loss.

    I don't have internet now or a computer (but my wonderful husband used his bonus to order me a new computer. I'd love to talk with you. I'm trying to get all vets with pain issues together to fight this.

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    The VA is B.S. I suffer from PTSD - as in I wake up in the middle of the the night - Bolt upright Screaming - and yet after a twenty years they gave me a choice taper off the benzo.s or the Opioid's, This B.S. PM me and we can talk - I will share my Cell# with you only. There is TRUTH out there - in my local CBOC I get treated like S---, When I go to Tucson, I get get treated with respect. rely please, there is strength in number,s

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