Lil-e God bless you - I am going thru it and when I called the VA - Boy where they QUICK to schedule appointments for me - all in ONE week. I am going to talk to the director and get a REAL doctor - NPR's may be good for simple stuff but when you have as many conditions as I do, I want a real doc and will not hesitate to get on social media (you tube) to state my case. Good luck, God Bless, and hang in there, don't let the B------- get you down - Complain!! Diabetes is not a joke, My mom was diabetic so no surprises there but come back in three months? what a joke, I know when my blood sugar is low, I have almost passed out - god forbid this should happen when I am driving, I keep a bottle of Orange Juice Handy, I am blessed to know as much as I do, I have adjusted my diet, by guessing since I have NO way to check my blood sugar, I go with what I know but the VA is sucking wind and I am FINALLY going to be a pain in the butt.
AKA Skypilot Steve