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Thread: Theme park tommorow, help asap!

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    Default Theme park tommorow, help asap!

    First post here! i had a cranioplasty just over 2 years ago. im going to a theme park tommorow, am i okay to go on the roller coasters?

    i rang my neurosurgeon and he just said its my discrection and im not sure how to work with that.

    please help
    thank you

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    Hi Tiffany,

    You've been on roller coasters before, right? And so you're aware of what you're in for?

    I'd go with the doctor's recommendation--use your own judgment. If it's been 2 years since the cranioplasty, there wouldn't be any risk of infection, IMO, but I don't have medical expertise.

    I myself stay away from roller coasters simply because they can and often do make people vomit or have other symptoms that are unpleasant. I just don't see putting myself through that experience and don't particularly enjoy the "thrill" of doing something frightening, but I know many others don't feel as I do.
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